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Image propaganda slogan: Fashion life ROYALSTAR

1.The change of image propaganda slogan

Create a brand era (1993-1999 China's large home appliance industry development period): the slogan was "Royalstar era tide." Impressive, vivid, established the brand image of Royalstar

Brand development period (2000-2004 Chinese home appliance fierce competition period) : the slogan is "good life is easier".Friendly and relaxed, close to the public, established the prosperity of the high quality products, to create a comfortable life for the majority of consumers.

Diversified period (2004- China home electric industry diversification and internationalization development period) : the slogan is "the fashion life glory to the ROYALSTAR".Set up the international image, the frontier science and technology create a good life, established the prosperity to lead the fashion life, international, diversified development image.


Royalstar-----"Crown jewels" : It means honorable, noble, magnificence and highest value, which is close to the word "glory";It represents both the pursuit of the high quality of life and the ultimate goal of the enterprise value pursued by the group.

Royalstar "Fashionable life" : The implication of the royalstar group to serve the public life, leading the fashion trend for our mission and pursuit, shows the Royalstar group international enterprise goals. The term "ROYALSTAR" is defined as the "crown star", which is internationalized and fashionable. ROYALSTAR is directly connected with the "Rongshida", and it is also adapted to the trend of shaping the image of international famous enterprises under the current economic globalization. The language is simple and plain, full of rhythm and strength, with strong affinity and appeal.

Dynamic font changes reveal vitality, deformation of the character "da" as a banner, moral Royalstar leading the fashion trend, and the star point conveyed a brilliant, brilliant, yellow tone, conforms to the enterprise standard color, orange to highlight, vibrant.

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