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Mainstream media’s flashlights focus on Royalstar showroom at Hefei Home Appliances Exhibition

Enjoy life and future by smart items and Internet! The 11th China (Hefei) International Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Exhibition (hereinafter refer...

The MIIT official media China electronic newspaper said that To hug future with intelligence, Royalstar tributes our country with transformation and innovation

In the new historical period, Hefei Royalstar Electronics Group builds smart home whole value chain ecosystem by “mass entrepreneurship and innova...

Hefei News: E&I drive, Intelligent Made in China, Royalstar salutes the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

     The coming 19th National Congress of CPC caused keep-going-up enthusiasm national-wide. Comrades from all walks of life based on their own p...

Anhui News: Anhui “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” companies, represented by Royalstar Group, are at the forefront of our country

   Since the beginning of this year, Anhui has given full play to its advantages in policies and platforms and constantly stimulated the enthusiasm ...

Official media voice of Ministry of Industry, Royalstar double innovation once again was praised!

As an excellent representative of "double innovation" demonstration base, mechanism innovation "Royalstar 'double innovation' platform ,Partner System and Div...

CCTV News walk into Royalstar , the real economy promote the reform of supply-side

In2017,the supply-side structural reforms have entered a deepening era and the scope of refor...

Royalstar is far more one time than become the headline of "Hefei News Network"

July 12, Hefei news network were focused on the report about Hefei Royalstar Electronics ...

It is the second times that Royalstar appear to the Anhui Daily of Anhui Provincial Party Committee

On December 19, Anhui Daily of Anhui Provincial Party Committee reported that the communicated meeting of large enterprises ,named "double innovation", wil...

Fire! ! Xinhua News Agency, Asia-Pacific Daily, Economic Daily have reported Royalstar!!

Recently, Xinhua News Agency, Asia-Pacific Daily, Economic Daily’s attention have been cast on Rongshida, and these medias have made special reports on it,...

Today, Royalstar was reported by the CCTV again! ! !

Recently, a total investment of 50 million yuan, covers an area of 20,000 square meters of the first smart home full value chain ShuangChuang center--...

" Hefei daily" front-page special report the national large enterprises" Double Creations" on-site exchange activities which isguided by the MIIT-China and exclusively hosted by Royalstar

On December 16th,Hefei municipal party Committee organ of the communist party of China newspaper " Hefei daily" frontpage&nb...

Hefei Municipal Committee of CPC official newspaper

On October 14, the front page of "Hefei Daily" of Hefei Municipal Party Committee reported the front page of "Double Hit" at Hefei Branch of the "National ...
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