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New Year's Letter of Thanks to All Walks of Life

Dear all leaders, colleagues, partners, friends from all walks of life, Golden rooster in delight bid farewell to the old year. Looking back on 2017, with ...

ROYALSTAR Weekly News (No. 29) Visiting articles

On Dec 23rd, University of Science and Technology of China Anhui entrepreneurial salon activities successfully held in ROYALSTAR smart home full value chain h...

2018.We Are Different---- the press conference of Royalstar 65thAnniversary New Year Concert was officially held in Hefei and that will be opened in 20th January.

       65 years of time flies, 65 dreaming road, 65 years of trials and hardships, 65 years of spring and autumn, there is a spring sound ...

Royalstar Weekly News (No. 28)

Visiting articles December 16, China University of Science and Technology MBA went to Royalstar smart home full value chain double record center visit rese...

Royalstar Weekly News(26th)

Media parts         On December 1, a number of mainstream media from all over the country gathered at Royalstar to interview...
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