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CCTV News walk into Royalstar , the real economy promote the reform of supply-side

In2017,the supply-side structural reforms have entered a deepening era and the scope of reforms has been extended to many key areas such as the real economy. Recently, CCTV News section 

Group,and have a interview to the supply-side reform, 

Royalstar intelligent toilets digital workshop also appeare to CCTV news network.

At present, China's economic and social development has entered a new normal. The economic growth is shifted, the mode of development from the speed of scale to the type of quality and efficiency, the development of power is driven from the input of factors such as resources and low-cost labor to innovation. To adapt to and lead this new normal, we must unswervingly push forward the supply-side structural reform, starting with the production and supply side, adjusting  the structure and creating new supply by mean of reform. Since the structural reform of supply side was promoted, China's economic structure has been accelerated and the quality of development has been continuously improved. In recent years, Hefei Royalstar Electronics Appliance Group made outstanding achievements in optimizing the supply and the investment, promoting the structural reform of the supply side, making the production, operation and other elements to achieve the optimal allocation, realizing the reduction of cost and the Improvement of efficiency. This achievement receive the concern of CCTV.

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