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Official media voice of Ministry of Industry, Royalstar double innovation once again was praised!

As an excellent representative of "double innovation" demonstration base, mechanism innovation "Royalstar 'double innovation' platform ,Partner System and Division System" trinity mechanism innovation having received significant attention. The latest products and advanced concepts out of the National Manufacturing Enterprise "double innovation" exhibition of achievements in Beijing has aroused great interest of the guests present. Held in the same period of the "national double innovation manufacturing industry” of teleconference, Royalstar “double innovation” got the deputy minister of Industry and Information Technology, Chen Zhaoxiong named praise: Royalstar through the" 'double innovation' platform ,Partner System and Division System" trinity mechanism innovation layout, to create groups and entrepreneurs interests community, effectively play a group of resource advantages and customer technology advantages. In the meantime, the reporter of "China Electronics News" under the charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also interviewed the relevant person in charge of Royalstar and carried a special report on the double innovation of Royalstar.

Media reports are as follows:  

"China Electronics News" special report.

Electronic Information Industry Network special reports.

 Royalstar: "Trinity" to stimulate "double innovation" vitality







On July 27, Chen Zhaoxiong, vice minister of industry and information technology, pointed out at the "teleconference of double-working 'work in the manufacturing industry in the country." In order to effectively promote the sustained and healthy development of "double hitches" in the manufacturing industry, the UN National Development and Reform Commission of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has set up 120 " Create "demonstration base, showing a new model of double create platform for manufacturing industry.

As an outstanding representative of the "Double Create" demonstration base, Royalstar’s "Trilogy platform" + partner system + departmental department system attracted much attention. It was exhibited at the showcase of "Double innovations" by national manufacturing enterprises held in the same period The latest products and advanced concepts, also led to the great interest guests present

"Mechanism innovation is the core impetus for promoting social productivity and promoting industrial change. Under the guidance of the" Trinity "mechanism of 'double innovation' platform, partner system and business unit system, we will create a 'double platform' and 'double platform' Cultivating products and teams and building a community of entrepreneurs and stakeholders is the biggest highlight of Royalstar’s entrepreneurial innovation. "Lv Yaogang, head of Royalstar Double innovations, said in an interview with China Electronics News.

It is reported that after being selected as "National Model Base for Creating Dual Innovation" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2016, Royalstar Group once again won the award and became the only one in Anhui Province. The company in China's smart home industry is the only one that has won two consecutive national awards. The establishment of "double innovation" work has enabled Royalstar, the old national brand, to release a greater brand vitality in the new period of historical development and become the benchmark of "double innovation" in the country.

Accurate “Fostering”: "Trinity" to enhance the enterprise "three forces".

According to McKinsey’s report of "to stimulate the potential of the Internet of Things", the global output of smart home in 2025 will reach 200 billion to 350 billion US dollars.Kearney, the international management consulting firm, also pointed out in his latest report: By 2030, sales of smart home in Asia are estimated to exceed 115 billion U.S. dollars. China is expected to become Asia's largest smart home market by 2020. Based on the broad market prospects, the policy dividend of "intelligent manufacturing" and the technological innovation triggered by the Internet of Things have entered the smart home market with traditional home appliance enterprises, platform enterprises, software and solution providers, and the market competition has entered a white-hot stage. How to gain the first mover advantages through entrepreneurial innovation and enhance the ability of code discs has become the focus of the competition.            

As a large-scale enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales, and having been developed for decades, Royalstar focuses on building a "smart home" by focusing on the "Trinity" innovation mechanism of "Double innovation", Business Unit and Partner System Demonstration base has now formed three production, study and research cooperation bases, the deployment of marketing outlets throughout the country more than 50,000, leading the development of two national standards, three industry standards, access to various types of patents authorized more than 500.

It is noteworthy that when people use "nine deaths" or even "one life and death" to describe the low success rate of entrepreneurship, Royalstar Group's incubator and accelerator into the project has achieved 100% success and maintain rapid growth, creating a "double innovation" Project’s Myth. In response, Lv YaoGang said that the zero fatality rate of Royalstar hit a project benefited from the promotion of product power, brand power and channel power by the "Trinity" innovation mechanism.        

"Trilogy", partner system and business unit system 'Trinity' refer to Royalstar introducing the 'Double innovation' center to the group of Maker-Offrs who have assessed market prospects and are focusing on smart home. Based on the 'Partner System' The resources owned by the Maker are turned into shares, making the Maker become the shareholder of the Royalstar Group, becoming the community of interests of Royalstar, conducting business operations through the organizational structure of the "Business Unit System" and accurately creating ' Complementary advantages, and ultimately formed Royalstar as the center of the smart home industry ecosystem. "Lv Yaogang said.        

"Creator shares with technology, shares with advanced management concepts, and even shares as a salesman. As long as you have the skills, we have the opportunity to become our partner." Lv YaoGang said. According to him, the core of the partnership system is to retain the maker customer team and to quantify the resources it owns into shares, so as to realize the business transformation from creating products to creating enterprises and creating entrepreneurs.

     Through light assets operation, flat management, full authorization and equity incentive, Royalstar injects 9 major elements resources such as brand, technology, management, market and channel into the team of creation makers and focuses on "three forces" of product strength, brand strength and channel power. Build, upgrade.

In terms of product capabilities, Royalstar provides targeted support based on the stage needs of its makers. During the product development phase, Royalstar relies on the research capabilities of the Academia Sinica Research Institute and Shenzhen Tsinghua Research Institute to provide R & D and technology management solutions for the startup team and create a product technology supply chain. Product design phase, Royalstar joint domestic and foreign industrial design agencies, to help customers upgrade product "Yan value"; with the prototype, Royalstar with five major product manufacturing system , including intelligent control systems, intelligent building materials, smart appliances, smart new energy and Iot devices .Match the manufacturer for the entrepreneur, to meet the customer on the proofing, small batch production, mass production and product quality control needs.    

On the brand power, Royalstar soberly see that brand awareness and public awareness are the bottlenecks in the development of start-ups. Creating and promoting new brands will seriously consume the entrepreneur's financial resources and energy. To this end, they open up the brand to the maker project, eliminating the need for new projects to create the brand's painful period, allowing the product to quickly enter the market and gain brand power. "At present, we are planning an 'old brand rejuvenation' plan to form a brand equity reserve by acquiring traditional industry brands, excellent national brands, and old Chinese brands, and then make matching and licensing of relevant brands according to the industries and characteristics of new projects." Lv Yaogang said in an exclusive interview with China Electronics News.

Speaking of channel power, Lv YaoGang said that increasing consumer and product contact point and the combination of point is the first important marketing idea. Many start-ups get funding through venture capital, but still not developed smoothly, largely due to the lack of sales channels, resulting in the product cannot be sold. In view of this situation, Royalstar based on the country's 50,000 marketing outlets to help create customer sales chain to enhance the channel of new projects.

       "For example, with an intelligent toilet seat, our smart toilet seat has thousands of outlets, and now a guest project has developed an intelligent drying rack, which basically overlaps with the sales channels of the toilet lid, and can be directly deployed to the smart toilet lid Sales outlets, greatly improving product coverage and sales efficiency. "Lv Yaogang said.

       As of the first half of this year, Royalstar “double innovation” Center has introduced 42 start-up projects and all formally operated. With more than 60 new projects under construction, there are currently over 100 guest-maker teams starting their business in Royalstar. Through the promotion of "Three Power" brought by "Trinity", the project has won various resources of R & D and design and manufacturing, brand influence rooted in the recognition of Royalstar, as well as informational, omni-channel, Marketing system, effectively guarantee the chance of success of the project, so that innovation and entrepreneurship is full of vitality.

1 + 1> 2: "Nine major elements" to achieve win-win and sharing

In the national manufacturing enterprises "double innovation" results display area, a smooth tree-shaped products attracted the attention of guests present, it is said that it is Royalstar intelligent central control products "Chunshu" As the core of Royalstar smart home control system, "Chunshu" adopts Zigbee protocol and mesh network, supports ZHA and ZLL standards, and the barrier-free communication distance and barrier-free network distance reach 1,600 meters and 800 meters respectively, bringing user security, agile, low-power smart experience. At the same time, "Chunshu" using environmentally friendly PC material to frosted, polished technology presents a simple and generous tree shaped appearance, practical, at the same time can be used as ornamental ornaments, artistic and practical ingenious fusion.

It is noteworthy that this product is the success of Royalstar "double innovation" platform incubation and development strong, both in shipments and market acceptance have been strong, becoming the most channel agents and consumers favor the smart product one. "The reason why Spring Tree project team can quickly produce such smart items is due to the support of 9 elements of Royalstar's 'Double innovation' platform. Without this platform, it is very difficult for the maker team to get all the R & D and production Resources and rapid access to market awareness. "Lv Yaogang said.

According to him, Royalstar"double innovation" platform is not a simple mechanical resource platform. Instead, it aggregates and opens up nine major resource elements of brand, market, capital, manufacturing, information technology, human resources, management, technology and culture, A healthy platform for the development rules. For example, at the funding level, Royalstar Group and government state-owned asset management companies jointly set up the "Double innovation" special fund for the first smart home industry in Anhui Province and planned to complete over 400 investment projects in 5 years. At the manufacturing level, Royalstar gather more than 350 supporting enterprises, entrepreneurial ideas quickly and systematically into products; in the information level, Royalstar large group data analysis system and the establishment of intelligent manufacturing management system for entrepreneurial projects to provide detailed and specific operational guidance.

In order to implement the project's industrialization process and form a sound operation support system, Royalstar's "Double innovations" platform divides the startup projects into three phases: start-up phase, start-up phase and growth phase. During the start-up phase, the key introduction hardware, initial funds, Information and other basic elements; pay attention to make up for the shortcomings in the business, standardize management; in the growth phase of large-scale capital and marketing channels, so that entrepreneurs get sustained docking and growth of resources to achieve win-win development of the group and entrepreneurs.

Lv YaoGang said that the "1 + 1> 2" win-win situation of sharing is an important manifestation of Royalstar and entrepreneurs forming a community of interests, and it is also a necessary requirement for Royalstar to build a smart home industry ecosystem. For entrepreneurs, Royalstar's brands, funds, channels and other resources have unparalleled advantages, can provide entrepreneurs with direction and resources to support the success of entrepreneurship For Royalstar, entrepreneur's new ideas, new technologies and new channels are the improvement and enhancement of Royalstar's elements and resources. For example, a former maker is now a partner of Zhang Huijun has led air energy achieved 35 million sales in 2014, increased to 53 million in 2015, 80 million in 2016 and is expected to reach more than 100 million this year. Royalstar original water heater project once develop very weak, Chong Ke team joined and make it rejuvenate.Also as Royalstar smart home system is an important part.

"Royalstar's core strategy is smart home, we must quickly seize the technological commanding heights and market commanding height in order to survive, how to quickly capture the market, expand the scale of development determines the business ceiling. By introducing a large number of guest team, we can accelerate the pace of development and rapid expansion of scale , To protect the competitive advantage of enterprises and code wheel ability. Moreover, we and all of our maker teams focus on one area of smart home and are united into powerful synergies that allow them to further enhance their core strengths. Lv Yaogang said

In the future, Royalstar will create a national test center, a testing center, an engineering center and a joint innovation center of smart home to build a base of production, learning and research demonstrations and apply for 3,000 patents in various fields to create direct and indirect economic output of about 500 billion yuan .

"Next, we will increase the maker project to 440 to form a smart home value chain ecosystem integrating supply chain, sales chain and service chain," said Lv Yaogang to China Electronics News.

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