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Mainstream media’s flashlights focus on Royalstar showroom at Hefei Home Appliances Exhibition

Enjoy life and future by smart items and Internet! The 11th China (Hefei) International Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as " Hefei Home Appliances Exhibition") slowly came to an end on November 26, which lasts for three days.

At this year's exhibition site, there are dozens of categories of Royalstar full-line smart items. And Royalstar smart whole house system attracted plenty of consumers, for example, smart voice housekeeper "Xiaoda", smart bidet, intelligent heating floor, tile.. All products were showed one by one to consumers and people were immerse in the paradise of smart home life. 

Warming up

It is no accident that Royalstar was so eye-catching at Hefei Home Appliances Exhibition, the success was harvested by the long-term efforts. As a national brand and Hefei local old appliances manufacturing brand, simultaneously as the important coordinator of the Eleventh Hefei Home Appliances Exhibition, Royalstar have attracted extensive attention by the media at the very beginning.   

The People's Daily Summarized Royalstar Products’ Highlights

The 11th Hefei Home Appliance Exhibition will open soon, and smart products will be shown together, like robot on the water

From 24th., Nov to 26th., Nov., the 11th China (Hefei) International Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as " Home Appliances Exhibition") will be held at Hefei International Exhibition Center. The theme of the exhibition is "Intelligence, Internet, Sharing, Integration," and “Intelligence” will be the highlight of this event.

Smart voice housekeeper "Xiaoda" is a housekeeper, with functions of controlling appliances, remote monitoring, setting reminders, accompanying and other functions.

Strong Point 3: the Sixth sense intelligent home appliance debuts stunningly at the exhibition

In this exhibition, Hefei Royalstar Group will show wisdom study, smart kitchen, super toilet, bright balcony, intelligent garage, smart and beautiful garden and other ten smart whole-house system experience room. Smart voice manager "Xiaoda" will also meet with audience, which was developed by Royalstar intelligent home control system development team for 16 months. Currently, Royalstar Group's core competitiveness has been initially formed and it will adhere to the direction of smart home in the future and use smart home system to achieve the vision of a smart life and compete with peers from all over the world.

365 JIA.CN Pre-report on Royalstar Products

Royalstar takes you into the Intelligent Whole House

Royalstar Smart Home's Ultimate Life Experience

From 24th Nov. to 26th Nov. , 2017, the 11th China (Hefei) International Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Exhibition will be held at Hefei International Exhibition Center,citizens can directly contact with domestic and overseas new, high-end, intelligent and green home appliances products.

The theme of the 11th Exhibition is "Intelligence, Internet, Sharing and Integration". Intelligence will be the highlight of this event. Royalstar Group, which actively promotes the construction of mass entrepreneurship and innovation platform, with its smart home system and many other smart home items, will bring the public to create the ultimate experience of intelligent living.

In the morning , do you want to open the curtains to see how the weather like? Is it possible for you to use voice control to open the curtains, open the bedroom door and make the kitchen cooker cooking? Are these still only exist in imaging life? NO! At the 11th Hefei Home Appliances Exhibition site, you will be able to experience such an intelligent lifestyle.

At Home Appliances Exhibition site, in addition to show wisdom study, smart kitchen, super toilet, bright balcony, intelligent garage, smart and beautiful garden and other ten smart whole-house system experience room, Royalstar also displays a smart voice manager named "Xiaoda" to audience, which was developed by Royalstar intelligent home control system development team for 16 months. Smart clothes drying racks, smart bidet and other surprising smart products will also be shown one by one during the exhibition.


   At this year's Hefei Home Appliances Exhibition, with the largest showroom of 800 square meters, Hefei Royalstar Group Co., Ltd. has become the most shining star! At site, Anhui Broadcasting Station, Hefei Broadcasting Station, Hefei Online, Headlines Live and other major media all focused on Royalstar exhibition hall, personally experienced a series of smart products and felt Royalstar latest appliances from innovation achievements.

Mainstream Media’s Flashlights Focus on Royalstar Showroom

Anhui News reported the Hefei Home Appliances Exhibition on 24th., Nov. It highly recommended Royalstar intelligent clothing caring machines, which has multi functions of drying, ironing, sterilization and others, and the kitchen ventilator with computer recipes, the coffee table for surfing on the Internet and other series innovative products, which was self-developed by Royalstar Group.

Zhang Huijun, vice president of Hefei Royalstar Group, said in an interview that, " We have transformed us from a traditional enterprise into a innovation and entrepreneurship platform. We have incorporated a large number of technically innovative talents all around our country and have integrated traditional appliances with intelligence and met the individual personal needs for young people.”

Anhui News Hefei Home Appliances Exhibition: Enjoy life and future by smart items and Internet

Then, Hefei News reported on 25th. Nov. and point that as a country's innovation and entrepreneurship company example, Hefei Royalstar Group brought not only smart whole house system, but also lots of new smart home items to the exhibition, which made citizens experienced with high-end, intelligent and convenient technological home living.

The 11th China (Hefei) International Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Exhibition is Opening

Congratulations Hefei Reelected the National Civilized City!

Hefei Daily Reported Royalstar Exhibition Hall

Hefei Home Appliances Exhibition is Opening and Local Intelligent Manufacturing Products Debuts Stunningly

 Hefei Online Reported Royalstar Exhibition Hall

As the pride of Chinese people, Royalstar will never let them down. In the future, Royalstar will adhere to develop the smart home industry chain, carry out large enterprises "innovation and entrepreneurship" platforms construction to enrich product lines and improve quality. Royalstar Group will strive to create a new value of Royalstar brand, occupy the commanding height of technology in smart home and build a Chinese smart home industry brand.

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