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Royalstar Weekly News(26th)

Media parts


On December 1, a number of mainstream media from all over the country gathered at Royalstar to interview the experts and scholars involved in the activities of the 2017 "creative China Hefei Station" instructors and the representatives of Royalstar makers. They also visited Royalstar Smart Home The whole value chain double hit center.


    It is reported that the "creative China Hefei Station" mentoring activities hosted by the National Development and Reform Commission, China Association for science and technology, Anhui Provincial People's Government, Royalstar Electronics Group contractors, from the national ministries, direct departments in Anhui Province, Hefei more Leaders attend the event. When interviewed by major mainstream media, experts and scholars such as Zhang Wei, executive deputy director of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Research Center of National Information Center, as well as project leaders such as Royalstar Shower Equipment, shared their own experiences and experiences respectively. They said that they will continue to contribute to creating a strong atmosphere of creating a double-traumatic atmosphere and inspiring the whole society to create a double-traumatic activity through the spread of the concept of "double creation."

Visiting parts


On December 1, Niu Junbo, Vice Mayor of Xinji City, Hebei Province, visited Hefei Royalstar Electronic Appliance Group for a special investigation on Royalstar air energy project.


During the symposium, Vice Mayor Niu Junbo introduced the construction of "Coal to Gas" and "Coal to Electricity" projects in Hebei Province at this stage, and congratulated Royalstar Air Products on its successful bidding for "Coal to Electricity" projects in northern China. He said he is looking forward to reaching cooperation with Royalstar Air to contribute to building a beautiful China together.


On November 29, Zheng Jiasheng, deputy general manager of China Telecom Anhui Company, visited Royalstar for research. This is an important special inspection of Royalstar by China Telecom after Royalstar reached a strategic cooperation with China Telecom.


Zheng Jiasheng, deputy general manager, said Royalstar open entrepreneurial model and the environment can fully stimulate entrepreneurial innovation vitality, including China Telecom, including the vast number of enterprises should learn from the reference, China Telecom Anhui company will work with Royalstar from product construction, channel sharing, Collaboration, China Telecom smart home and Royalstar smart home full connectivity, to create a new model of home life.


November 29, Changfeng County, Hefei Municipal Committee, executive deputy mayor Chen Wei and his party in Shuangfeng Development Zone Working Committee, director of the Board Tong Youzhu and other leaders, come to Royalstar preach the spirit of the party's 19, and went to Royalstar Intelligent production workshop research to understand Royalstar   automatic production line situation.


At the subsequent symposium, Vice Mayor Chen Wei pointed out: Enterprises should conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Party Congress, insist on innovation-driven optimization and upgrading of industries, further enhance their core competitiveness, cultivate creative talents, and accelerate the construction of a modern economic system . He emphasized that the county party committee and county government will, as always, strongly support the development of large enterprises represented by Royalstar, create favorable conditions for further expanding county productivity and push Changfeng manufacturing industry to a new level.


November 23, Anhui Institute of product quality supervision and inspection of new products expert appraisal group and his party visit Royalstar, around the latest development of Royalstar smart hardware single product - Wi-Fi infrared transponder "infrared treasure" held a provincial New product appraisal expert review.


On the assessment site, R & D staff of Royalstar Central Research Institute introduced the functions and innovation points of "Infrared treasure" in detail. Participating experts believe Royalstar's products solve the longstanding lack of unity of industry standards pain point, its advent not only for Royalstar smart home system is of great significance for the development of China's smart home industry also has a positive effect.


November 22, Wuhu City, Anhui Province by the letter Committee member, deputy director Cheng Shiming and his entourage Royalstar smart home full value chain double record center to visit and investigate, understand the results of Royalstar double create.


Cheng Shiming, deputy director, said Royalstar double create like a thick book, which contains endless wealth. Royalstar's corporate strategy, philosophy, model exploration and cultural development are in the forefront of society, profoundly prove that people-oriented enterprise is the largest market, the biggest responsibility, the greatest future.


 On November 20, Zhao Huaide, director of Electronic Tax Administration Center of Local Taxation Bureau of Anhui Province, visited Hefei Royalstar Electronic Appliance Group to understand the development history and innovation achievements of Royalstar through field research.


During the visit, Director Zhao Huaide said Royalstar, as the old brand known to both women and children in Anhui and even the whole country, has ushered in yet another spring. All this is inseparable from the pioneering and pioneering innovation of Royalstar people, represented by Chairman Pan Baochun. Determination and courage.

Meeting parts


On November 30, at the human resources experiences sharing session held by the Group, the headquarter of the Group and personnel directors of subsidiaries and subsidiaries came together to exchange views on personnel recruitment experience and experience.


Talent is the core competitiveness of enterprise development. On the road to double innovation, Royalstar needs countless talented people who have the best of both worlds and both ability and political integrity. In the future, the Group will continue to place its human resources work in an important position of all the Group's work and create a contingent of highly qualified and competitive talents.

Training parts


On November 27, Group Information Management Division invited experts in enterprise informatization to conduct training on the theme of "Management Competency System and Information Upgrading under Royalstar Strategic Transformation and Upgrade" for all employees of the Group.


In recent years, under the leadership of Pan Baochun, president of Anhui Provincial Informatization Association and chairman of Royalstar Electronics Group, the Group has made every endeavor to build a smart home industry with intelligent hardware and home networking technology as the core content and made a series of achievements in information construction Important result. In the future, the Group will further improve the top-level information design, build an advanced management and operation system model, and strive to build Royalstar into a "national business card."

Channel parts


November 26, Royalstar shower plumber hydropower "Baotuan" meeting will be held in Bengbu, Anhui.


The meeting explained in detail Royalstar shower equipment product information, and announced the scene of the meeting a series of preferential policies, won the trust of the site hydropower friends. All of you have said that we hope to further deepen cooperation and promote friendly development in the future.


From November 23 to November 24, Royalstar Shower Equipment "Winning the Road and Winning the Implementation" The November National Dealer Training Conference was held.


The training will not only focus on theoretical study, but also pay attention to actual combat exercises, arranged at the heating body disassembly training, through field operations, to enhance everyone's operating skills. Live hot atmosphere, dealers have involved in ordering, the results are gratifying.


November 23, Royalstar ecological wall material 路 Diatom mud Anhui Jinzhai, Ye set "Craftsman's House" start the grand assembly.


At the meeting, the staff demonstrated the advantages of Royalstar diatom mud experimentally and intuitionally, and also brought the on-site construction teaching to the teachers and won wide recognition from everyone. The scene masters applied for joining Royalstar's Artisan House in succession Win a bright future.


November 23, Royalstar Wenzhou Yongjia Oubei Product Promotion and Hydraulic Fellowship was held, which marks the Royalstar Wenzhou Yongjia Operations Center official operation.


On-site, Royalstar manager of Zhejiang area manager of Royalstar pipe products, red carpet services, plumbers double platform, etc. were introduced in detail, so that the presence of hydraulic masters Royalstar this national older brand has a deeper understanding , Greatly improving their recognition of Royalstar pipe fittings products and their safety and security.


November 21, a period of half a month of Royalstar air can "poly heroes heat inheritance" heat energy summit Guangxi station successfully concluded.


 The one-stop-shop model for the Royalstar Air-to-Energy Heat Summit is to conduct zero-distance communication with local distributors, distributors and customers with a wide range of heavy dry goods courses and give gratitude awards to outstanding dealers. Royalstar air will continue to pass a series of summit activities, to repay our customers has been the support.

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