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ROYALSTAR Weekly News (No. 29) Visiting articles

On Dec 23rd, University of Science and Technology of China Anhui entrepreneurial salon activities successfully held in ROYALSTAR smart home full value chain hit center. Anhui youth entrepreneurship representatives, USTC alumni, and entrepreneurial representatives participated in this salon.

In the process of visiting ROYARSTAR Double Creation Exhibition Hall, everyone praised ROYARSTAR for the honor of "National Industrial Tourism Demonstration Base" recently obtained. When everyone knows that ROYALSTAR provide free industrial tour for tourists every year and receive primary and secondary school students and social groups over 100,000 people,they think that "National Industrial Tourism Demonstration Base" is not only a national honor given to ROYALSTAR, but also an exemplary enterprise represented by ROYALSTAR.

On Dec 21st, Anhui Administration Institute training class students come to Hefei ROYALSTAR Electronics Appliance Group to investigate ROYALSTAR the work.

During the visit, everyone said that ROYALSTAR smart home full value chain hit center is not a simple, mechanical business platform, but a virtuous development of the industrial ecosystem, is a representative model of double-hit manufacturing. About it, Zheng Deguo, Vice President of the Group, said: "In the future, ROYALSTAR will speed up the product intelligentization, improve the ecosystem of the smart home industry and continuously strive for the transformation and development."

On December 18, a Pakistani youth delegation visited Hefei ROYALSTAR Electronics Appliance Group to visit and study.

The delegation first visited ROYALSTAR smart home value chain hit Center intelligent scene, experienced a variety of smart home product, everyone amazed. Subsequently, the delegation continued to examine ROYALSTAR smart home appliances R & D center, and China's only record of global solar energy technology development history of science and technology museum - ROYALSTAR Solar Science and Technology Museum. In this very exhibition hall with Chinese characteristics, instructors make the time as main line, to explain all the development of solar energy applications in China and around the world.

As a "National Industrial Tourism Demonstration Base," ROYALSTAR has formed an industrial research and tourism center integrating ornamental, include research, exhibition, leisure, health, experience and shopping. We warmly welcome guests and friends both at home and abroad to visit and exchange.

Participation articles

December 21, Shenzhen Huaqiang Intelligent Home International Trade Center opening ceremony held in Huaqiang Electronics World Plaza. Mr. Huang Wei, Standing Vice Mayor of Futian District, Shenzhen, Mr. Li Shucheng, President of Huaqiang Group, Mr. Pan Baochun, Chairman of Hefei ROYALSTAR Electronics Appliance Group Co., Ltd. attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

After the opening ceremony, all the leaders and guests walked to visit Shenzhen Huaqiang Intelligent Home International Exchange Center ROYALSTAR Smart Home Experience Hall, as the first batch of Huaqiang Intelligent Home International Trade Center invited to settle in. ROYALSTAR Experience Hall decoration style is simple atmosphere without losing Sense of technology, I believe in the future it will become a beautiful landscape in Huaqiang Intelligent Home International Trading Center.

On the day, Mr. Yang Qiwu, director of ROYALSTAR Smart Home Project, was invited to participate in the "Artificial Intelligence and Smart Home Industry Summit Forum" to discuss and exchange ideas with Huawei, China Unicom and other business representatives on how to realize smart home scenarios.

As the first smart home Eco-physical trading platform, Huaqiang smart home international trading center set up, will be intelligent technology industry to add a thick pen. As a "national demonstration base of dual innovation," ROYALSTAR Electronic Appliance Group will respond to the call of the country, take science and technology as the orientation, intensify its independent innovation and create a people-oriented intelligent technology life style, contributing to the development of China's smart home market.

On December 20, Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission organized and held the 2017 Anhui Province Quality Standard Experience Exchange and Brand Cultivation Conference for Industrial Enterprises. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Brand Cultivation Office, China Quality Association experts and Hefei ROYALSTAR Electronic Appliance Group represented the outstanding enterprises in the province attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Meng Peng, a brand cultivation office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, gave a talk titled "Guide for Implementation of Brand Cultivation Management System". Teacher Lu Shan of China Quality Association conducted professional training on "Benchmarking Law".

ROYALSTAR participants said that the meeting through the macro-analysis of brand cultivation and management system knowledge and advanced quality management methods, enhance the sense of responsibility of the main business, to promote the level of corporate brand management will play a significant role in promoting.

Channel articles

December 20, ROYALSTAR bathroom channel staff in conjunction with Tengzhou store jointly launched a "Christmas New Year, wonderful continuous" promotional activities.

During the event, the bathroom channel department staff and local distributors team actively planning, vigorously carry out the promotion of the district, warm-up offer and so on. The cold weather can not stop everyone's high passion, double the excellent results of activities, the scene signed a substantial. In the future, ROYALSTAR will bring the more standardized professional operation and the sincere service attitude to the dealer team all over the country, and work together to enhance the quality of consumers' home life!

On December 19, a "public entrepreneurship, innovation," ROYALSTAR ecological wall materials Fuyang area artisan home activities in Fuyang, Anhui Province successfully held.

In this activity, ROYALSTAR paint business department hand in hand with many craftsmen in Fuyang region, launched a 7-day brand promotion, to enhance the professional skills of trainers who lay a solid foundation for the construction of its products. In the future, ROYALSTAR will continue to carry out "Craftsman's House" activities to expand the green building materials market in the relevant regions so that more traditional craftsmen will be transformed and transformed into the ROYALSTAR eco-building materials team to start their own businesses.

December 18, ROYALSTAR smart clothes dryer, ROYALSTAR bathroom, etc. have participated in the Hefei Sports Center held in Anhui "male lead Hefei" training event, started in 2017 the most "thick" world war.

It is reported that "male lead Hefei" activity is not only a simple training session, but also a close brand and consumer interaction time. For this training session, ROYALSTAR prepare for a long time.

In order to experience more consumers ROYALSTAR smart products, at the end of this year, ROYALSTAR prepared a variety of preferential policies and discount packages for consumers to choose. All the friends at the site showed great interest in the smart products of ROYALSTAR ’s intelligent clothes drying equipment and sound-controlled smart toilets. When they learned that they could still buy these products at preferential prices, everyone was more Excited, have started buying, the atmosphere is extremely hot.

The training, ROYALSTAR subversion of traditional thinking, with the price, quality, service together to create a screaming "home improvement feast!"

Recently, ROYALSTAR electric water heater investment wealth summit held in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province.

Activities at the scene, ROYALSTAR staff carefully analyzed the product performance and brand advantages for everyone, has been a positive response from customers, signed a satisfactory result.

At the close of the year-end, ROYALSTAR ’s electric water heater channel team will continue to accelerate the pace of market expansion and provide various market support programs for cooperative distributors, including opening promotions, supermarkets and promotions, etc. Please look forward to.

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